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The Do's and Dont's of Auditioning  p. 1

Everything you need to know, from not staring at the floor to being big for the back row  p. 2-3

Words that can serve as a starting point for discovering objectives  p. 4

Instructions for creating the arrangment of items on the stage, known as a ground plan  p.  5

Guidelines for understanding movement within the stage  p. 6-7

Tips on selecting, rehearsing and presenting scenes  p. 8

SCORING DEFINITIONS: Criteria by which scene work will be evaluated  P.13-14

Diagrams of stage directions and body position  P. 15

Vocabulary: Theatre Definitions  p. 16-18

List of scenes from Duo! The best scenes for the 90's, The Actors Scenebook and Contemporary Scenes for Actors  p. 19-20

List of Scenes from DUO! The Best Scenes for TWO for the 21st Century.  (pages added 1a, 1b, 1c)

A scene from The Trip Back Down by John Bishop  p. 21-23

A scene from American Buffalo by David Mamet  p. 24-25

A scene from The Children's Hour by Lillian Hellman  p. 26-28

''Don't Ask"  p. 31-32

"Time Out"  p. 29-30

Scenes and Monologues written by Colby Malone for use in class.


"DECISIONS"  p. 35-36

"MINE"  p. 37-38

"JAMES"  p. 39-40

"THE JESUS FREAK"  p. 41-42


"ACCENT"  p. 44

"PIECE #1"  p. 45-46

"PIECE #2"  p. 47-48

"MONO FOR ANNE"  p. 49


Twisted Betrayal

To Tell The Truth

Double Life

The News

The White Nights of Russia

Wake Up & Smell the Wasabi

The Drunken Keister

His Funeral

My Love My Life

The Art of Photography

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